PPITT Meeting Minutes from July 2018

PPITT meeting notes


Called to order at 1:08 pm

Sharing of meeting

Facilitating: Amanda Joule

Notetaking: Jaime

Attending: The IC, PPTRC, PPLD, Our House, Pasco, 719LaCrosse


Rob Raphael- 719LaCrosse- collaborative with Colorado College, www.719Lacrosse.com, info@719lacrosse.com, 719-238-5186

  • Teach Lacrosse to kids with special needs,
  • non-profit outreach program for adaptive lacrosse,
  • provide boys and girls with physical, cognitive or mental impairments.
  • Engage kids with right matchups
  • Connect with different lacrosse programs
  • Field time with CC, HS players and coaches
  • PPITT can help by sharing info and contact info for 719Lacrosse and actively support funding, access to equipment, accommodations; additionally, need volunteers with experience with PWD

PPTRC- Open House, Friday 10-12 Friday, July 27 at main location

The IC- ADA Luncheon

Pasco-August 31 5-7 pm – at Peak Parent, RSVP please on PPITT website, teaming with Peak Parent to meet and greet with other families with PWDs, 30 min meeting with coach for caregivers, on-site respite for kids so parents can focus on meeting

Pasco and Peak Parent- Sept 28 5:30- 8:30- Parents night out- parents can drop off children with disabilities for night out, will have CNAs and honor society volunteers, looking for volunteers

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