PPITT December 2016 meeting minutes

Many thanks to Stellar Care & Services,  LLC. Residential Program Director Katherine Hegemann, for compiling these notes. Attached minutes have been edited to large print for those who have low vision.

12/15/16 PPITT meeting

El Paso County Citizens Center, Room 1020

PPITT Introduction:

Created in 1992 when state was mandated to inform families about services.  PPITT distributes an annual directory, hosts an annual resource fair and is found on Facebook.

Guest speakers: 

Kathy Ciano-McGee – Colorado Governors Council for Individuals with Disabilities

  • New name for Colorado Medicaid = Health First Colorado
  • Free accessible parking signs with pictures of individuals with disabilities available. Agencies that would like the signs: contact Kathy at 719-418-7830. Governor has allotted $35,000 for more signs. The signs/pictures are D.O.T. approved and legal to display.  Signs can be placed above or beneath accessible parking signs; recommended: above, so visible.   District 49 has ordered 84 signs.

If you know of an individual that would like to be pictured on a sign, contact Kathy; provide name and address, and send a pic.

  • ESPDT program… changed name to Arise Above

Healthy Communities serves families who are receiving Medicaid, ages 0-21.  Can assist with waivers and provide case management until 18.
365 children on waiver at Arise Above.  Three full time case managers.  Goal: empower families to learn about Medicaid.

Agency updates or events:

  • Grand Master Sterling Chase, (DuMyon Martial Arts): hosting annual event August 24, 2017 at Stargazers Theater

Resource fair/guide:

  • Possibly include Master Drive, Xerox and other employers providing employment opportunities to people with disabilities. Local job fairs are also available.
  • Invite previous attendees: view older resource guides to identify previous organizations
  • Only concern last year: prevent fair from being a vendor selling event; focus must be connecting people to available services. Limit to under 100 booths. Only 40-50 booths last year.

Next meeting: January 19

Facilitator: Tammy Miklebost from SKSF

Notetaker: Grant Langdon


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