Urgent! Request For Support Needed

Message from Carol VanNess: Randee VanNess, Owner of Skills Academy, was in a major car accident last week and her family is in need of some support. Randee was driving with her daughter in law and 2 grandchildren in the car -and they were T boned by another car. Their car was totalled, everyone was taken to the hospital. Thank God they are all still alive but Randee has a broken/shattered arm and had surgery yesterday. Her grandchildren have concussions sore bodies all over and extreme anxiety/ trauma from the accident. Their mother,Cassie,  has broken ribs and during the scans they found masses on her lungs (she has been dealing with medical issues for a while).  I am  asking if everyone can help with a meal train for both households.  Randee is not able to cook for her family with 4 adult children with disabilities.  And Cassie is not able to cook or clean and will be having to endure many more medical appointments in the near future. Here are the links to help: 

About the Author: Katie Ueberroth