Skills Academy Baking Program

New Baking Program Starts in January 2021!

Skills Academy DP now offers a 45-week job training program in basic baking and cake decorating. Upon completion of the course, the student will graduate with a baking certificate and assistance with job placement. The baking program is in conjunction with the vocational day program and our new night vocational program. All vocational classes incorporate the Discovery Employment skills and job adaptations for special needs adults from the Department of Vocational Rehabilitation (DVR). Job Skills Training: ● Teaching curriculum: M-Ploy program teaches special needs adults how to obtain and keep a job. ● Resume writing. ● Mock interviews, proper interview behavior. ● Proper dress and behavior. ● Problem solving & handling stress in the workplace. Baking Program Information: ● SADP follows the Restaurant Association of America’s Bakers Training Program, adapted to SADP students’ special needs. ● Baking program teaches all aspects of baking to prepare students to apply for entry level baking jobs through classroom studies and hands-on experience in the baking kitchen. ● First 15 weeks: ServSafe sanitation and basic baking skills in the classroom. ● Second 15 weeks: Hands-on experience with baking and decorating in the baking kitchen. ● Third 15 weeks: internship with local Restaurant Association Member restaurants ● Sessions may be longer to accommodate student’s learning abilities. ● Students will graduate with a baking certificate upon successful completion of the program. ● Students are assisted in job placement when they complete the program. Classes Begin Every 15 Weeks

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