PPITT Monthly Meeting Notes from 2/21/19

PPITT Monthly Meeting


Facilitator: Kendra (TRE)

Note taker:  Katie Ueberroth



Sharon Starkey

  • Autism Vision of CO
  • Nonprofit
  • Create community of individuals of all ages with autism
  • Find out resources and provide resources and workshops
  • Wonderfully Made church service

Anthony Chiofalo

  • Kids Care
  • Provide pt, st, ot, and feeding therapy for birth to 18
  • Can meet anywhere in the community except for hospital or school
  • Convenient with meetings
  • Clients have to choose home health or clinic
  • Accepts Medicaid, Tricare, and CHP plus
  • Does not have to worry about getting to a clinic since it is done in the community or at home
  • Homehealth is high quality
  • Therapists are like a social worker with resources and preferred provider lists
  • Help to expedite the process and update clinics for resources an individual needs
  • Open communication and parent portal open to parents to look at and progress
  • Therapists do an in-home assessment and work within the home
  • Feeding program 12 week -competency program for therapists
  • No waitlist
  • Will contact families within 24 to 48 hours
  • Referral process – online form – pcp sends it to them – call

Paul Gullian

  • Wellspring Day Program
  • Established by a parent – Mary Lou Fenton
  • Enrichment and business opportunities
  • Small day program
  • Currently serves 81 stars
  • Staff of over 30
  • 175 volunteers
  • Business enterprises – bakery – cafe – art studio – gardening
  • Enrichment – over 47 opportunities – M – F
  • Individualized for all participants
  • Physical education, leadership, life enrichment, other
  • Works with CALF – agriculture focus
  • Intentional for a life well lived
  • Relies upon star feedback
  • Vision – 10 communities
  • Will begin in Colorado Springs June 17th – 9 to 3
  • Club 21 – Friday night social engagement
  • 2nd and 4th friday of every month in Colorado Springs
  • Safe and structured social environment that is fun – 2 hours – Woodmen Valley Chapel in the Stone Chapel
  • Special Talented Adults Raising Standards (STARS)
  • Non-profit
  • Funding from tuition and businesses
  • Funding from SLS waivers
  • Community Connections
  • PASA
  • Social Events – 6:30-8:30 – online application www.wearewellspring.org – ages 18 and up
  • $10 private pay

Speakers scheduled for March -Sterling and Will Boeing for March

Agency updates:

Pasco and ARC

Hosting parent night at ARC April 23rd


ARC – respite reimbursement form

ARC reimburses respite for parent night at the arc

A cognitive connection

TRE Woodland Park

Provider fair

As many agencies as possible for a job fair

March 14 from 10:30-1:30

Colorado College

Science for grades 1-9

A Cognitive Connection

Vision board workshop

Open to everyone

Love and Logic 6 week course

Thursday nights

Starting March 7th (TBD)

Shelly Shepard

Ages 8 to 100

Tennis participants needed for Special Olympics

March 9th – Polar plunge at Cheyenne Mtn Resort

Special Olympics

10 people needed

Soccer openings for Special Olympics

719 LaCrosse

YMCA in Briargate

April 6th 3-5

Looking for more participants

May 8th 12-1 – cheyenne mtn field house – LaCrosse game

Free luncheon tomorrow at 12:00

Norris Penrose

Call to get on the list

Whirlyball tournament fundraiser for Cerebral Palsy Association

April 1st

April 2nd Goat Patch fundraiser

Agency Resource Fair:

Posters and fliers to pass out

Break out speakers


Community Community Health Alliance



30 minutes sessions

Spanish and sign language interpreters need to be set up


$743 left in PPITT account

1st Friday in May for a dance PPITT 11:30-1:30

Next PPITT meeting:

March 21 at 1:00

Facilitator :  Angel FSL or Nicole B.

Notetaker:  Cindy (Cerebral Palsy Association)

About the Author: Katie Ueberroth