PPITT Monthly Meeting Notes from 1/17/19


PPITT Monthly Meeting

Start time:  1:03 p.m.

  • Facilitator announcements and introductions
  • Presenter:  Christine Peterson – Child Community Services
    • Serves children 5-18 with mental health
    • Mental health therapy
    • Targeted case management
    • All services in the home
    • Family therapy sessions with parents involved
    • Connect families with financial resources, doctors, speech, etc.
    • Covered under medicaid only
    • Cannot transport clients
    • Looking to host groups
    • Open 9-6 Monday through Friday
    • A lot of follow up after hospitalization
    • Does not provide services after hours when in crisis – referred to crisis center
    • Covers El Paso, Park, and Teller Counties
    • Offers counseling
    • Therapeutic services
  • Heidi Vanterpool – Social Care Services
    • Adults and children mental health services – partners with Child Community Services
    • Referrals for medicaid and in the community
    • Link to services and provide follow up
    • Assistance with services as needed
    • Will attend doctors appts, schools, hospitals
    • Look into treatment services
    • Client centered and develops goals together
    • Does not offer counseling
    • Offers case management

Agency announcements, updates and events:

Whirly ball fundraiser – Feb. 11 5-9 – $50 per team

Wonderfully Made at a local church

Harmonized Brain Center – team for polar plunge for Special Olympics – if interested contact Shelly Shepard – $100 for participation

Independence Center – hosting art of accessibility – downtown art walk – focusing on written and spoken word- art displayed around disability -writing workshop offered – first Friday in February – February 1st

Independence Center – Seeking out youth to be part of their counsel -travel expenses paid -ages 14-24 -for advocacy

A Cognitive Connection – progress report on social skills escape room are going well -school districts are bringing groups from middle school and high school ages -added a medical device called the Bemer bio mat to improve circulation – offering a deal – type in Bemer in youtube -Wayfairing band provides vacation activities for teens and adults with disabilities -Jan 24 podcast launching -engaging discussions with disabled and non-disabled individuals

ARC – Shelby – need help recruiting – monthly dads groups for kids with IDD – give Shelby referrals -Dental hygiene training on 22nd for adults with IDD -Sib shop on 26th for sibblings of kids with IDD -working on increasing support groups -weekly webinars – Valentines day dance at the ARC on Valentines day from 6-9

Therapeutic Rec Program – youth and adults with disabilities – April meet and greet night -for agencies and parents/adults -Hillside community center -get more information about programs offered -summer rec – outdoor -social – 3rd friday of every month  – 7-9 at the CS senior center

SOCO – Help with bathing/hygiene -caregiver services –

Announcement:  February 15th dance that PPITT is putting on at PPBOCES from 11:30-1:30 in the cafeteria -pizza will be served -no charge -provide an invoice for the DJ and pizza to the ARC -districts get decorations together to decorate -email Nicole B. (D12) -students are welcome to bring their own food and drinks -high school through transition (age 21 years old) -enter administration door to access the building -wheelchair accessibility

ARC – financial report provided to Rachel Williams (D3 Transition Coordinator)

Resource Fair – Eventbrite up and running to register for annual fair -15 slots taken -bob.west@needproject.org -$50 -limit one table per agency -share event on facebook -Carol Vaness will make and print fliers -TRE/DVR/ARC/Aspen point/CCHA speakers at the fair -breakout sessions for speakers -20-30 minutes -Christina Butero will be presenting/workshop from the ARC -TRE will present the waiver programs -Dungarvin is doing the bags – set up interpreters -1 spanish interpreter -Katie will look into securing the interpreter for sign-language

Peak Parent – upcoming sessions on February 14th and 15th -youth leadership for all abilities -2019 conference

Next meeting is on Feb 21st at PPBOCES Administration Offices

Kendra – facilitator

Kim – notetaker  

About the Author: Katie Ueberroth