PPITT Meeting Notes from 12/20/18

PPITT notes



Tre, CSDB, SWAP, Child Community Services, Autism Vision of Colorado, Dungarvin, Transition Widefield, Harrison PP BOCES and Ute Pass BOCES, Pikes Peak Library District, the ARC Pikes Peak, Alpha to Omega, Our House, DuMyon,


Child Community Services-

  • Mental Health Services for children 5-18 years old, 
  • work with children with disabilities, 
  • provide medical care coordination, 
  • do intake and assessment, assist with case management services and wrap-around services, 
  • targeted case management to help gain access to services needed to meet mental health needs and achieve personal goals, 
  • can do applications for housing, etc, connection with resources in the community,
  • work with students in the schools and meet with individuals in outside placement,
  • can help support with resources like toys for tots, Christmas and Thanksgiving assistance
  • CBT and play therapy with licensed practitioner, specialized with children
  • Medicaid funded, working on TriCare and Kaiser (maybe 2020)
  •  Qualify for services by showing symptoms and have Medcaid- will have therapist go out to to do assessment
  • New, opened in September, not a lot of mental health services in CO, necessary for children to have support, needed to be more here and children aren’t being served enough here.

 Social Care Services-

Agency Updates:

Library Explorers- new calendars passed around with updates

All abilities church services flyer passed around, Jan 6 5:30 pm

Our House will be opening in Ft Collins day programs, SLS – hiring


At the Brayla Center Dec 14th, $126 came in, 70 students, everyone had a good time, need about 35 pizza instead of 50

Currently $65 cash on hand

6 districts represented, hs to 24th birthday

Next dance will be planned earlier so that districts will have more opportunity to attend so that we have more time to prep for busses

Notes from dance

  • No students arrived that used wheelchairs, we want to make sure that the event is open to everyone
  • Pizza was ordered for wrong date- need to ensure accurate
  • People tripping on rug at entrance, but event center was great!!!
  • Want more PPITT participants attend the event
  • Stick with water and pizza was perfect
  • ARC community room would be way too small
  • DJ did a good job

Next dance:

  • Can do BOCES space or in the gym and cafeteria on Feb 22nd? The 15th? or the 8th? 11:30 am to 1:30 pm
  • Have flyers out by Jan 17th, next PPITT meeting, Sonya will verify dates and send to Nicole


  • Spent 500 on event center
  • 350 on food
  • tipped DJ 50, 
  • total of about 900 on event
  • should have 1452 left in budget
  • Petty cash conversation- how can we keep petty cash on hand for immediate needs? For accounting purposes, what is needed for CYA,
  • -policy for petty case: 65$ proposed and Jaime, IC, will bring in next month

Resource Fair:


Date- April 18

Reserved same rooms and additional in back

  • DVR, TRE, ARC, and AspenPointe?/Centura???, maybe add info on waivers from TRE, 
  • presentations were 45 mins last year and was too long.  
  • Need to be closer to 30 with 10 min turnover time between
  • Do we need to do a site visit to verify 50 vendors?- there were complaints about accessibility. 
  • Will need interpreters, volunteers from Air Force Academy, Spanish interpreters

Need to open EventBrite link for registration after break

Next meeting:

Jan 17th– Sterling- DuMyon, Empowering Independence, Social Care Services, The IC- Youth Transition Services, Autism Group- February

January meeting- Nicole- facilitating and Katie- notetaking

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