Abby Care Update

To our Wellspring Care Partners,

As we continue to serve more families with this program we’ve built together, we’ve decided to evolve our brand and name to tell the story of where we came from, who we are, and who we’ll continue to be.

Looking back, all of our families have received at least one text from someone named Abby. Abby has been with all our families from that very first phone call, all the way through to successful care delivery. From its inception, Abby has represented all the values that we care about and stand for: empathy, dedication, loyalty, brightness, and strength. 

This is why, moving forward, Wellspring Care will rebrand to Abby Care. We hope that this name and brand change serves to remind us all of our mission and purpose, as well as to energize us for what’s to come ahead. We are a community built with the goal of empowering family caregivers and their families to live a dignified life, where they can get paid for the care they are already providing. At Abby Care, we exist to care for our families, so they can care for their loved ones.

We are the same team with the same values – just a new name that many of our families can resonate with. 

Here’s to many wonderful years ahead. Explore our new website at

Abby Care

About the Author: Katie Ueberroth