A Cognitive Connection

Who Are We?

A Cognitive Connection, LLC was founded out of the need for Cognitive Retraining services in the Colorado Springs and surrounding areas. We recently have expanded our services to include Pueblo, Rocky Ford, La Junta as well as the Denver region.

Our program of treatment is based on the theory of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, which utilizes talk therapy in conjunction with technology, as well as music, and a multisensory approach to evaluate and explore how thought, and how the brain processes thought, influences our feelings, so we can change our behaviors.

This can be used with children adults, and seniors to improve visual and auditory processing skills, focus, memory, self-worth, negative thought, poor school and work performance, personal development, and relationships.

If you are experiencing poor memory or have been diagnosed with early onset Dementia, lack of focus due to ADHD or ADD, learning difficulties, poor balance and coordination due to a Brain Injury or Stroke, visual and auditory processing deficit or sensory overstimulation, we have a program to help.

Contact Carol Van Ness at 719-233-1199 or cvanness@acognitiveconnection.com for more information.

About the Author: Katie Ueberroth