SKSF King Soopers or City Market Rewards Card

Do you have a King Soopers or City Market rewards card?

If you do, did you know that you can be donating to SKSF by just attaching your rewards card to our organization so that we can receive funds from any purchase you make with your card?

It’s so easy to do:

  • Visit
  • Click Enroll Now
  • Sign into your King Soopers account OR create an account (requires some basic info, a valid email address & a rewards card or alternate id/phone #)
  • Once logged into your account,  click on the COMMUNITY REWARDS tab and search for Special Kids Special Families or input our NPO #UK467 in the search field
  • Click Enroll.

That’s it!  Every time you use your rewards card, SKSF will receive a percentage of your purchases as a donation to our organization!

Here is the information on our website:

and attached is a flyer.

Please pass on to a friend or neighbor.  The more people we sign up the more funds we receive!!

Thanks for your participation and your help spreading the word!

Download Attachments

About the Author: Katie Ueberroth