Skills Academy Vocational Programs

Skills Academy DP is now offering vocational programs
in partnership with the Department of Vocational
Rehabilitation’s (DVR) new customized employment
program and standards. Skills Academy is an approved
DVR provider and is finalizing DVR’s national training
certificate in Customized Employment and Discovery
Employment. Skills Academy DP has undertaken this
year-long training to be able to offer the best Job
training and employment opportunities for our clients.
Job Skills Training:
 SADP uses the M-Ploy program, a job skills
program for special needs adults, to teach how to
obtain and keep a job.
 This program incorporates the Discovery
Employment protocols on skills and job adaption
for Special Needs Adults.
 SADP uses the Restaurant Association’s 2 -year
culinary program, adapted to meet the needs of
our clients.
 SADP does all the required training for the
ServSafe license for food safety.
 SADP teaches all aspects of working in a
restaurant, from bus boy to chef; we also help
our clients to find job opportunities.
 SADP teaches from the Panera Bread training
 SADP also teaches cake decorating.
 SADP teaches all aspects of baking so our clients
are prepared to apply for entry level baking jobs.
Classes begin every 6 weeks

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