Meeting Minutes for November 2018 PPITT meeting

Meeting Minutes for PPITT  November 15,2018

Shelly Sheppard   Facilitator 

1.Brief history regarding PPITT and how it was started.

Attendance sheet available upon request


Alpha to Omega . Bridget present that they started as a tutoring /writing service.  The help individuals to write cover letters for resumes and they primarily work with High School Students.  Their goal is to help high school students to succeed.  They also provide assistance to apply for college scholarships, admissions and plan personal tours of potential colleges. They do group consultations and work with different school districts. 

PASCO: PASCO is a Medicaid (Health First Colorado) certified partner providing comprehensive services to people needing assistance with various activities of daily living.  They have been family owned for 26 years.  They work with all ages and is a MEDICAID approved agency. They have a Class A, Class B and are an approved PASA.  

Agency Updates:

Carol Van Ess:  discussed the Tea Party monthly and looking for presenters.  Social Dance Committee will meet after the meeting.  

Robe Rafful  Lacross 123:  He thanked everyone for the Pizza.  50 people attended the La Cross event.  Tomorrow Cheyenne Mountain High School is playing D 2.  He is looking for sponsors.  

NurseCore Colorado Springs provide Private Duty and Respite Care Services

Resource Fair Updates:

Tables are a $50.00 donation .  It is scheduled for April 18,2018 at the 21C library (1175 Chapel Hills Dr, Colorado Springs, CO 80920) 5pm to 8pm

Capacity is 50 vendors

There will be break out sessions. 

School Dance   Looking for a place to have it.  Need a DJ.  Suggested places:  Soccer Haus ($100.00 an hour) ,21Clibrary and City Auditorium.

The plan is light refreshments and drinks.  It would be for students in the transition program.  High school age to age 21.  Looking at January or February.  

Next meeting December 20,2018  at 1pm  Citizen Service Center.

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