Location of PPITT Spring Dance has changed from Calvary Baptist Church to Cheyenne Mountain High School on 2/13/23

Calvary Baptist church had a pipe burst in the basement last week and the space is now not available for the dance on Monday. After checking around and needing to make a change ASAP, Cheyenne Mountain High School has graciously agreed to host the dance in their small gym! Below are the details:

PPITT Spring City-Wide Dance

Date: February 13, 2023

Time: 11:00-1:00

Location: Cheyenne Mountain High School 1200 Cresta Rd. 

****Please enter the parking lot in the lower area (not at the light). You are going to be going up the hill towards the back of the school. Students and staff can be dropped off at the side door of the gym. If buses or cars/vans are parking, we will have the upper lot open. If buses are not staying, we will have them turn around in the upper lot in order to leave campus. 

****I will have signs up and security will be helping with directions

Don’t forget to remind staff and students of the bake sale! 

About the Author: Katie Ueberroth