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ED Care Information

Attached is information and flyers on ED Care who helps individuals with eating disorders. Download Attachments ppitt present Medical Infographic Flyer File size: 576 KB Downloads: 16 ppitt present EDCare Adult Program Flyer File size: 906 KB Downloads: 14 ppitt present EDCare Adolescent Patient Flyer File size: 751 KB Downloads: 14

Skills Academy’s Next Culinary Class Starts Nov 3rd

Skills Academy Day Program offers: ·       A modified ProStart Culinary program that teaches the skills that SPED students need to get jobs in Restaurants and Bakeries ·       Job Training on to get and keep jobs using the Em-Ploy Program designed for students on the Autism Spectrum ·       A DVR job placement program ·       A Licensed SPED Teacher to help […]

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