“Chat” From Zoom Monthly PPITT Meeting 3/19/20

From NRobertson to Everyone:  01:00 PM

I can hear you

From cbarrick to Everyone:  01:00 PM

Hello Connie B from CV

From Sharon Starkey to Everyone:  01:00 PM

Me too!

From Nicole Beauvais to Everyone:  01:02 PM

We are going to be talking about the resource fair and the directory

From Carol Van Ness to Everyone:  01:04 PM

I was scheduled to take notes today. would you need me to do that still?


HI Katie

From Me to Everyone:  01:04 PM

Please do not use the phone numbers to reach the meeting as they are not working currently. Thanks

From JHarrell to Everyone:  01:05 PM

apologies ahead of time- I will need to leave the meeting after here in a few minutes.

From Nicole Beauvais to Everyone:  01:05 PM

When you guys see a message from Caryl Manuszak, it is really Sonya

From kueberroth to Everyone:  01:08 PM

Yep!  Sounds good!

From Nicole Beauvais to Everyone:  01:09 PM

Sterling why are you shaking your head?

From Sterling Chase,Sr. to Everyone:  01:14 PM

Speaking on behalf of DuMyon’s fees for the Fair will be donated…. 🙂 no refund required

From JHarrell to Everyone:  01:15 PM

Sorry, all.  I need to head out- Nina and Edgar are on the call and can represent:-)

From Sharon Starkey to Everyone:  01:17 PM

Autism Vision is good either way!  We have one planned for July but that is pending of course.

From Nicole Beauvais to Everyone:  01:17 PM

I can’t speak because of the echo so Sonya is speaking for me as well

From ajewell to Everyone:  01:18 PM

April 23rd works for me

From Carol Van Ness to Everyone:  01:18 PM

Sounds good!!

From Sharon Starkey to Everyone:  01:18 PM

Works for me!

From ajewell to Everyone:  01:19 PM

I hope this is all over and we’re back to normal by May!

From Carol Van Ness to Everyone:  01:21 PM

I agree

From Sharon Starkey to Everyone:  01:21 PM


From jkarroll to Everyone:  01:22 PM

Sounds good to me!

From kueberroth to Everyone:  01:22 PM

I agree.  The dance should be cancelled.  it will be too hectic.

From Sharon Starkey to Everyone:  01:23 PM

Regular schedule

From Nicole Beauvais to Everyone:  01:24 PM

I agree with Carol. It would be nice to have some money to help out with the dances but it all depends on how the budget is looking

From kueberroth to Everyone:  01:24 PM

I will notify Naomi that we are waiting on the fair.  She will not bill if notified in advance.

From Nicole Beauvais to Everyone:  01:24 PM

We also need to have some money set aside for fair expenses next year.

From shelbi to Everyone:  01:25 PM

Budget is $435.60

From Nicole Beauvais to Everyone:  01:25 PM

You are in and out Katie.

Katie helps with scheduling Naomi

From kueberroth to Everyone:  01:25 PM

HeyI I don’t think you guys can hear me.  I am in contact with her!

From shelbi to Everyone:  01:26 PM

is it 24 hours in advance? 

From kueberroth to Everyone:  01:27 PM

My internet connection is going in and out.  Sorry!

Yes, at least 24 hours in advance.

From Nicole Beauvais to Everyone:  01:28 PM

We had such a large amount of money last year from not spending, which is why we spent money on dances and printing the books for the fair

However, that spending left us lacking for this year’s dances and food for the fair

From Sharon Starkey to Everyone:  01:30 PM

I am good with that!

From Nicole Beauvais to Everyone:  01:31 PM

I will send an email to the speakers that we had scheduled for the resource fair to let them know what we are thinking

From Me to Everyone:  01:35 PM

NTACT and DCDT are 2 organizations that provide information for Career and Technical Education as well as Transition programming.

From ajewell to Everyone:  01:35 PM

With our Transitions students, can we provide day program services in the home during this time? I don’t think that’s in our contract, but I know we’re making some exceptions during this.

From kueberroth to Everyone:  01:35 PM

I will send out a notification via facebook and PPITT website that the fair is cancelled in April.  I will also notify Naomi (interpreter).

From Me to Everyone:  01:35 PM

Google NTACT and DCDT and there are webinars that may be useful to all going forward.

From Nicole Beauvais to Everyone:  01:36 PM

Amanda, I would have to check with our sped director

From ajewell to Everyone:  01:37 PM

Thanks Nicole!

From Felicia Barnhart to Everyone:  01:37 PM

The Therapeutic Recreation Program has had to cancel all classes as well. We are working on some virtual classes and activity resources to engage participants through facebook and youtube.

From Sharon Starkey to Everyone:  01:39 PM

We have cancelled everything including support groups.  We are working on developing some virtual meetings.

From shelbi to Everyone:  01:39 PM

719-471-4800 X 103 Shelbi@thearcppr.org

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