Revisions to PPITT August 2015 meeting minutes

Changes from The Resource Exchange (TRE):

An Enrollment team was created in March to handle the influx of referrals this year.  There are two sections within the Enrollment team: one that handles children’s enrollments and one that handles adults. In Navigation Services, the focus is on intake and finding individuals functionally and financially eligibility. Navigation has two sections as well: one that works with a person or family up to enrollment and then a team of assessors. Each team has a specific roll so that information and assessments can reach the community effectively.  There are over 400 people that need to get through enrollment and in June and July alone there were 150 new referrals.  A person has been hired to enroll individuals who are still on the waitlist for SLS.   Email Marsha Unruh  for more information.

TRE and PPITT welcomes Jennifer Westrom as a contact for community resources!  Send your electronic brochures to her

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